About Seuss+

About Seuss+

Seuss+ offers the total partner package: diving into the details of the way our clients work to help them create better systems, prepare and manage trials, attract the best talent, the right trial subjects or customers, and keep their employees and allies happy and performing at their best. We use our global expertise to help companies break into new markets, thrive in existing ones, or discover the uncharted. Helping with oversight, management, branding, website design, communication, compliance, recruitment, and more along the way.

Our mission: to evolve the way the pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research industries work. Change life sciences, change the world.


1 Collective from 5 Brands

In 2019, our brands teamed up to change the way their life-sciences clients tackle the challenges they face. Together, we had five successful brands and decades of experience in life-science consulting, recruitment, marketing, technology, and training. And a shared vision: to unite our skills to improve life-science companies from the inside out.

Our 5 companies had incredible combined strength in both niche industries, and accelerating the growth of businesses. Through Seuss+ we bring this unique combination to our clients, along with our shared values and determination to bring out the best in every business.

Seuss Consulting was founded in 2012 to take business challenges that are headaches for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and CRO & speciality suppliers and made them easy, affordable and fast. 

Seuss Recruitment followed in 2013 with the aim of finding the most synergistic fit between professionals and forward-thinking life science – and biotech companies. Via diverse recruitment services, we created tailored solutions for different levels and phases of recruitment. 

Zocket was founded in 2017 on the belief that there had to be an easier, more effective and authentic way for companies and the people in companies to find the right match. Providing both consulting services focused on a company’s online candidate experience and candidate-centric platforms to replace outdated career pages.

GCP Central is an innovative online training institute founded in 2012 providing clinical research training solutions via the online learning platform, myGCP. We enable clinical researchers to learn about GCP in an efficient, practical, and continuous way. myGCP is a regulatory training solution for clinical researchers in biotech, pharma, CRO’s and hospitals. 

iGina is an Amsterdam-based international marketing and brand agency born from the mission to bring remarkable brands to life. Founder, Gina Dunn has a strong and defined background in microbiology and sciences sectors and specializes in creating authentic and stand-out brands for businesses worldwide.

Our Manifesto

When life-science companies do their best work with the best people, the entire world benefits.
We are committed to making this happen.

Life-science companies do their best work when they approach all of their business practices – from finding partners and employees to planning and managing clinical trials – as an integrated whole.

We lead our clients through a total inventory of everything they do: their development strategy for their pipeline and products, how they attract and interview talent, how they train them, retain them, find the right suppliers and investors, and much more.
Then we work with them, so they can do it better.

Our holistic approach to consulting tackles five key pillars – Outsourcing & Procurement, HR & Recruitment, Marketing & Sales, Training, and Technology – capitalizing on their synergistic interactions to power impressive, sustainable growth.

We hunger for new challenges, diving head-first into them in our intensive investigations, turning them into cutting-edge solutions tailored to a company’s unique needs.

Helping our clients build a workplace that draws on and brings out the brilliance in today’s best minds.
And, in turn, in the projects they design and oversee.

We are starting a quiet revolution in the life-science industry.
Join our army of change.
Together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

We Can Help Scale Your Life-Science Company.

Let's talk!

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